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Frank Thompson Jr. is a gifted and talented musician.  His deep faith in God influences his musical endeavors and proved him with the necessary drive and motivation to fulfill his calling of composing, arranging and performing music that is soothing, uplifting and predestined to motivate its listener.  As you sit back and listen to the music of Frank Thompson allow it to embrace your heart and it will ease your mind and soul. You will undeniably discover it is truly inspirational and spirit-filled. Frank Thompson Jr. was born in New Orleans.


Frank's love of music, gospel music in particular, started at a very early age, fostered by his mother and father. His mother would bring Frank Jr. into the choir stand with her on Sunday mornings. He would listen to his father play his guitar and was fascinated by the sounds it made. By the age of three Frank Jr. was dragging his father's guitar around the house and breaking the strings trying to play. Seeing his love of music grow his parents agreed to let Frank Jr. join the school band and get some private lessons from his band teacher, Mr. Lester Wright. Mr. Wright encouraged Frank to learn to read music to no avail. Frank would let the other children play first that could read the music and he would then play the notes he heard.

Frank has an exceptional God given talent. At the early age of seven he was singing solo for his church choir, and amazing seasoned voices with his power and range, and played drums. God had given him his talent and anything from God was good. Soon his talent and skill would precede him. At age eleven he was playing bass guitar for a number of gospel groups to include The Spiritual Hires, The Stars Of Heaven, Avondale Community Choir, The Heavenly Stars, are a few. As he grew in age, he also became interested in other instruments, drums, horns, piano and organ. Mastering his art was his goal. Not only has he mastered the instruments, but found he is skilled in writing, arranging, and sequencing music as well as mixing and mastering music, His talent has taken him on tour to Germany and across the United States. Frank was a gospel tent's stage musician for seven years, playing bass guitar, at New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. He has played with some of the great local artist of New Orleans.


Frank has played on a number of local recordings since the mid 1980’s. His first production was completed in 1996, titled Something Old, Something New. It featured traditional gospel and contemporary gospel written by Frank. In 2005 Frank wrote, produced and directed a video in titled Show the World You Care and the single I Miss You So.  During the 2009 NFL season when the New Orleans Saints football team won their district championship, Frank began writing We Are The Champs!  He finished the song after they won the Super Bowl XLIV. In 2011 Frank is releasing Island Man, it is a compilation of jazzy music in which he wrote, composed, played all the instruments and produced himself.  He also has written a wealth of Gospel and Jazzy music that is yet to be released.


Something Old, Some New –

When Frank was a little boy his family went to the Mt. Herman Baptist Church.  At the old church, during the hot summer days, they would open the windows to catch A cool breeze blowing by.  Frank and his sisters would often walk to church and on those days that they were running late, he remembers  you could hear the old gospel songs like By and By, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Down By the Riverside and Swing Low Sweet Chariot wafting on the air before they even saw the church.  Those memories of the great old gospels inspired him to write some new inspirational songs. So take a Moment of Praise as you renew your vow to be a Soul Winner.  Remember when you are troubled that you can call on God and thank Him and say  You Are the One and know in all things He will be  Lighting Up My Life.


Show the World You Care -

In the past 10 years, America has had to face some of its biggest challenges since the Civil Rights movement.  It all started with the terrorist attack on 9/11/01, then Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and finally with the recent flooding in the Northeast,  fires and earthquakes. During these challenges many Americans have stepped up and reached out to their fellow man in an un-president act of compassion and help.  While watching these events unfold on TV, Frank noticed that it did not matter what a person’s ethnicity, cultural upbringing, gender, religion or any other discriminating factor was, people were showing each other that they cared.  On 9/11/01 Frank was sitting at home watching TV when the news started covering the attack on the twin towers.  As he saw the towers fall the words to Show the World You Care started coming to him.  He immediately went to the piano and started writing this song. But it wasn’t until Katrina hit in 2005 that he was lead to finish the song.  Because of  the damage he had to leave his home.  He ended up at a Hampton Inn in Houma LA.  As he was walking down the hall he started humming Show the World You Care.  He was moved to go back to his damaged home to get the instruments and music which he brought back to his room at the Hampton Inn, and recorded the song.  When he was able to move back into his home, a year later, he was able to finish the vocals.  He produced the video the following year.

As you listen to Show the World You Care may you be inspired to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to a stranger, a neighbor and a loved one and Show the World You Care.


I Miss You So –

During his displacement following Katrina, Frank had to attend a funeral service of a beautiful young relative, who had lost her battle with a long illness.  As he sat in church listening to all the expressions of love for this young lady, coupled with the loss of so many lives from Katrina the words and melody of I Miss You So came to him.  He was reflecting on the memories of his father, who had such a positive influence on his life.  He was also remembering other family members and friends.  Even though these people have passed from this world, they all have touched his life and still have an impact on it.  Each of us has loved ones that have gone on before us but are still very much a part of us.  So as you listen to the words of this song remember as Frank says “Though this day I move on with my life and many things will come and go. I will always love you and always miss you so.” I Miss You So is and expression of love for the people we have had in our lives.  Plus, it is an expression of gratefulness to have had the opportunity to have known and loved them.This song is dedicated to the memory of my father, Frank Thompson Sr. and my mother Nancy Thompson. To Lillie Williams, George Williams, and my dearest friends Rev. Lester Foxworth and Mr. Darrell Singleton.


We are the Champs –

Every sport has a defining goal of excellence; a mark that when reached says “this one stands above the rest”. The NFL’s mark of excellence is the Super Bowl; by getting to the Super Bowl it means that superior team performance has been achieved. In 2009 for the first time in the history of the New Orleans Saints organization they have achieved that very goal and won the Super Bowl!  This was a feat that many did not think they had the capabilities to accomplish. One definition of a Champion is one who does battle for the rights or honor of another; with that focus the Coach and Players of the New Orleans Saints have been tenacious to deliver an outstanding season for their fans who have had more than their share of struggles and challenges as they rebuild their lives, their homes and their City and yet remain faithful to their NFL team in post-Katrina. It has been that “yes we can” spirit of the fans and players alike, who have inspired each other to press in and press on; and has propelled the team to this unprecedented season. They are the Champs!  It is that same spirit that has inspired and motivated Frank Thompson to write this song for the Saints football team and its outstanding fans. It is also the hope that this will inspire each individual to be a champ in their life’s battles. God Bless!


Island Man –

This work of art is the musical genius of one artist, Frank Thompson, who created, composed, arranged and performed each tune on the CD. Any selection from this musical menu is guaranteed to soothe that weary savage beast that lurks within each of us. This solo work will touch and inspire the hearts and minds of many. Beginning with the title cut "Island Man" as you listen, it will minister to your mind and take you on a musical journey to a place of peace and harmony. Let "New Dawning" purge your spirit so you may start anew, for "Happy Times" are most definitely ahead of you. Clear your head and prepare to embrace "Life" and all its wonderments. Steady yourself for "Love's Groove" where heartfelt emotions engulf you. Stay tuned for "Better Days" are coming. Lay back in a "Hammock Swing" in total bliss and awe of the good life Feast on the "Coconut Tree" for nourishment and take in a "Cool Breeze" and let it ripple through your mind, as your spirits rise and you sink into "Deep Thought" that are "Ever Changing". Join the Island Man in a "Sand Dance" to metaphorically dance all your troubles away, you will encounter "Confusion" but stay strong for "Things Are Getting Better" as you conclude your voyage of the Island Man.“This project is especially dedicated to my father Frank Thompson, Sr. and my elementary school band teacher Mr. Lester Wright. I'll never forget when I was about ten years old Mr. Wright, came to my home to talk to my father about a problem he had with me at school. I was going around the band room and trying to play all of the instruments in the room. And my father's words to me were to stick with one instrument or I would become a jack-of-all, and a master-of-none. So the name of this project originally was called (Jack Of All Master Of? ). But I decided to name it "Island Man" not because of an actual island but the concept of one man alone in one place with all the instruments he can play. Special thanks to Ms. Donna M. Brown for her assistance and contribution to this project. To my mother the late Nancy Thompson, to my family, and to my loving wife Joyce A. Thompson for putting up with the noise of the instruments and music and lastly I would like to also dedicate this work to the memory of two of my dearest friends Mr. Darrell Singleton and Rev. Lester Foxworth.


When you Pray for me, Say My Name by Frank Thompson featuring Jonathan DuBose Jr on guitar –

While sitting on the organ at a local church in New Orleans. A preacher got up to end the service, every one stood up then he said wait a minute I have one more thing to say. I had already started to play the benediction song, I stopped and said to myself “O.M.G what’s next? The service had been long enough, about three hours or more”. Then the preacher said: “WHEN YOU PRAY FOR ME SAY MY NAME”. Immediately the music started playing in my head and I could not wait to get home. The words and music that was in my head is exactly what you will hear when you listen to this song. This song is a very personal song. Most people pray in general we pray for world peace, the war, the government, the USA friends and family but this song motivates you to be specific: WHEN YOU PRAY FOR ME SAY MY NAME.


The Sound Of One –

One Man

One thought

One Idea

One concept

One sound

“Most music we hear today is a collaboration of many musicians and many thoughts.” Here is a concept of one man being many; and of many concepts being of one idea… a thought to make a sound that is beautiful to behold. That one sound that explains the allure and fascination in what you hear and feel. Frank Thompson has encompassed these concepts and combined them in a revolutionary way. So many have tried to emulate the creativity of those that have come before; an innovator in his own right, Frank has compiled selections that will astound you as you realize the complexities that are involved in being one man. Such influences as Chick Corea, George Duke, The Yellow Jackets, and Herbie Hancock have been a long standing reflection towards a life’s ambition. A smooth whisper in the wind that speaks of a timeless soul… the fascination, the intoxication of Smooth Jazz.

The Sound of One is the second jazz release from Frank Thompson Jr. This new cd follows the same concept as his first release, Island Man. One man with many ideas, thoughts and talents. This creative spirit has again written, arranged, and produced this work of music that comes together as one coherent, mellow delicious sound. The concept of one man having the talent to play each instrument, a jack of all . The concept is evident in this musical accomplishment that is created from the soul and spirit of this talented artist.


Can You Use Me Now?

There was a man who once had strong faith and believed in God. But through the trials of life and hard times his faith was challenged greatly. This man started only believing in himself and his own ability to accomplish anything in his life. It seems with all of the chaos in the world, all of the crime, and all of the trouble in this world it was hard to believe that there was really a God anywhere. This state of being is referred to as a backslider or a backslidden man. After this man experienced a miracle in his own life, his faith was renewed but he still wondered if God could use him now after he had turned his back on the God he once believed in. So then this man asked a serious question. He asked God (Can You Use Me Now?) Maybe you have been in this situation, maybe you have backslidden at some point in your life. If the answer is yes, then you should know that the answer from God is always yes. He can always use you. He is always standing there with his arms wide open waiting on you to return.


It’s Another Day –

This song is about gratitude. Being grateful for another day. There was an old man who loved to sit outside and watch people as they passed by. Whenever someone would say good morning good evening good day or how do you do his reply would always be, It's another day. It would seem like this man was just being simple but in fact on the contrary this man was truly grateful to see another day. If you would stop and talk to him and listened as he reminisced about his life you would find that he had out lived most of his friends and family that he grew up with. He had  seen many things in his lifetime some good and some bad. But no matter what life has brought his way it was his ability to be grateful and thankful for all things that made him a very happy man.


Solitude –

1. The state or quality of being alone or remote from others:

Solitude is a state of seclusion or isolation, lack of contact with people. It may stem from bad relationships, loss of loved ones, deliberate choice or circumstances. Short-term solitude is often valued as a time when one may work, think or rest without being disturbed. It may be desired for the sake of privacy. A distinction has been made between solitude and loneliness. In this sense, these two words refer, respectively, to the joy and the pain of being alone.


Composers need solitude to work. Sometime religious people need solitude to pray. Successful people need solitude in order to accomplish great things. This collection of songs deals with situations from all walks of life. There are many things that can give us solitude in the midst of chaos, which we often find ourselves in the middle of. I myself love to be alone most of the time I find peace there. I find tranquility there. I find joy there and the ability to deal with pain there.


Thomas Edison wrote; The best thinking has been done in solitude.

Picasso wrote; without great solitude no serious work is possible.


IS Production LLC –

Frank Thompson Jr., decided to name his record label “IS” because he believes music should be inspirational and Spirit-filled.  Regardless, of where music comes from, what genre’, country, gender, ethnic group, cultural background, or language it is written or sung in, it should move you mentally and physically.  To many times today we try to classify music trying to fit it in a box and put a label on it.  Many try to classify music as “Christian/Gospel” if it speaks of God or the Devils Music” if it doesn’t specifically mention God.  However, Frank believes that all music  should move you emotionally and lift you up if it came from the writers hart it should be  Inspirational and Spirit-Filled, hence the reason for naming his production company IS.


“I thank God for all of the many gifts & blessings He has bestowed upon me. I would not be who I am today if it was not for Him allowing my hands, feet and mind to reach out step out and to explore the many facets of life that He has allowed me.”

I pray that these projects will Bless and soothe your soul. As King Saul called for David to soothe him with the harp-when he was vexed, may this equally soothe your heart and mind. My God Bless you and keep you.”


 Frank Thompson

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